VOESH Pedi in a Box 5 Step - Unicorn Glimmer


VOESH Pedi in a Box 5 Step - Unicorn Glimmer

VOESH 4 Step Pedi in a Box is one gorgeous box that contains 5 foil wrapped sachets of product. Each perfectly portioned for your service. Using the 5 Step pedicure allows you to offer 5 steps to your salon pedicure:

  1. Sparkle Soak
  2. Sugar Scrub
  3. Mud Masque
  4. Cooling Leg Gel
  5. Massage Lotion


VOESH Unicorn Pedicure in a Box is Paraben Free, Vegan, Gluten Free and best of all… super hygienic because it is single use. 1 product for one customer, the perfect solution in today's world.

The VOESH 5 Step pedicure system is the perfect product for your deluxe, in salon pedicure and with nail work and paint usually takes a therapist 1hr 15mins.


‘Why not’ is what we say! The Glimmer range really is beautiful and if a Unicorn had a scent, it would probably be this gentle yet evocative scent of summer and holidays all rolled into one. 

We all know the power of a Unicorn, well now it has been harnessed in a pedicure pack and boy does it deliver! This pedicure system offers a luxurious, peachy aroma with a gentle, magical glisten, leaving feet and lower legs super soft and shimmering for the rest of the day or night. Perfect for a wedding day, summer beach day or Christmas party.

    There are no hard and fast rules to how to use the product. We chat to many salons and know that VOESH is super versatile and can be used in many ways to suit your treatment menu, theme or ethos.

    A Guide (you don't have to stick to this):

    1. Run your lovely warm foot bath
    2. Sprinkle your salts into the water - enjoy the emerging aroma and colour
    3. Place customers feet into the water and soak
    4. Lift out one foot and pat dry (optional)
    5. Apply sugar scrub and exfoliate foot and lower leg (we always go right up to the knee)
    6. This is a good time to use a foot rasp on stubborn callus
    7. Place foot back in the water, rinse and repeat on the other leg
    8. Lift the first leg, pat dry and apply mud masque. We apply it up to the knee but this is optional. 
    9. We apply mud masque to toes and toe nails and use the masque as an effective cuticle remover. This is optional. 
    10. Perform cuticle work
    11. Place foot back into the water and repeat on the other leg.
    12. Remove mud masque from both legs using a wet flannel. NB A flannel is best because the masque can set slightly as it drys. Pat dry legs and feet.
    13. Apply cooling glimmer gel to feet and lower legs. Leave for 10 minutes (this is a great time to up-sell Collagen Gloves and offer a hand massage)
    14. Remove with clean damp flannel
    15. File and paint nails and cure under your UV lamp
    16. Apply massage lotion and massage foot and lower leg (reverse steps 15 and 16 when using normal polish)

    What should I charge? 

    Treatment Cost

    This is a tough one and depends on many variables. Location, type of salon/spa, environment, added extras etc. As a guide, and based on a 1hr treatment, we suggest £50 per pedicure. Don't forget to upsell collagen treatments and more boxes of product.

    Upsell the product in the box to your customers

    Product in box - RRP to your customers is £8.99. Many salons charge more for their 5 Step Pedi products. We know of salons that charge £19.99 when sold with a file and foot rasp. 

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