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As owners of an award-winning health clinic ourselves we understand the issues of low retail sales and the low profit margins associated with traditional manicure and pedicure services. But not when you are using VOESH® 

Since becoming UK distributors we have changed our whole manicure and pedicure menu to VOESH® in our own clinic and haven’t looked back since! It has totally transformed our offering and it will do the same for yours too.

So why should you use VOESH® Pedi or Mani in a Box in your salon?

✔ 1 SET FOR 1 SERVICE - no more worries of cross contamination or stale products, just 100% fresh products for every appointment.

✔ LESS INVESTMENT ON A NEW SERVICE - expand your menu with ease

✔ PERFECTLY PORTIONED PRODUCTS - no more over usage or wastage of products.

✔ EASY COST MANAGEMENT - with portioned products you know the exact cost per service every time

✔EASY INVENTORY MANAGEMENT -  reduce inventory space and increase revenue

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Please note, this offer is exclusively for Salon Owners & Professionals. If you are not a Salon Professional, please do not complete the form.