How To Use a 3 Step Waterless Mani in a Box

There are no hard and fast rule to this. We chat to many salons and know that VOESH is super versatile and actually, can be used in many ways to suit your treatment menu, theme or ethos.

A Guide

  1. Although this is a waterless product, you can use a warm water soak with your treatment if you wish.
  2. Apply Sugar Scrub and exfoliate the hands (and forearm if you wish) 
  3. Remove with a hot towel (or rinse with water if using)
  4. Apply the Mud Masque to the hands (and forearm if you wish). Leave for 3-5 minutes. We apply masque to cuticles and perform cuticle work whilst masque is on the hands (optional). 
  5. Remove Mud Masque with a hot towel or water, if using. Pat dry
  6. File and paint nails and cure under your UV lamp
  7. Apply massage lotion and massage hand and forearm (reverse steps 6 and 7 when using normal polish)