We want to REVOLUTIONISE… do you?

Have you stepped back and looked at what manicure or pedicure service you are receiving, or perhaps providing recently? Have you questioned how fresh your foot scrub is? How long the massage balm has been open for or maybe even if there is an alternative to the good old Jasmine scented foot wash? ‘NO’ I hear you say!

Even though thousands of us troop to our favorite salon or spa for super regular ‘essentials’ such as manicure and pedicure and, for the salon owners and therapists reading this, many of you see tens of customers each week for what are still two of the most popular treatments available, how many of us have noticed how dated these services are? Poorly packaged and welcoming double dippers with open arms, our lotions, scrubs, creams and luxury add ons are, well, lets just say it how it is, a bit embarrassing. The type of thing therapists decant instead of display!

VOESH 4 step pedi in a box is a bright, clean, paraben free, vegan, effective solution. One handy little box contains a softening soak, exfoliating scrub, hydrating mud masque and smoothing moisturising balm. Ideal for all skin types, these single use boxes eradicate traditional pedicure problems and give you, the customer, piece of mind that your pedicure is clean, safe and most importantly doing what it says on the tin!

As for collagen gloves and socks …..these are amazing! (and amazingly simple, why didn’t I think of this!?) Has anyone ever endured an intensive hand treatment which included being unsuccessfully wrapped (or wrapping) in cling film or having three or four standard products lovingly concocted into one miracle potion which did nothing more than your standard, handbag friendly Nivia? I know, when you say it out loud, it is ridiculous!

Collagen gloves are the solution. These brilliant little beauties are effective, single use so completely hygienic, they smell wonderful and can be linked to any medical or spa treatment. Pop them on when you are having a facial or massage, (you can ask for them to be warmed too for an extra treat) or, for therapists, replace several manicure products with just one set of gloves or socks and, when applying gel polishes, protect your customers hands or feet from 99.9% of UV rays at the same time.

Check out these brilliant product on our Shop pages and don’t forget to register for trade prices if you are a fellow salon or clinic. Join us, revolutionise your experience (whether you provide it or receive it) today!