We’re biased…but they are great!

I was excited when I first heard that we were introducing Voesh products in our clinic. As much as I enjoy Pedicures, they were always a bit of a chore to set up and tidy away. There’s so many products involved and, with the best will in the world, with heavy use, they don’t always look great.

Using Voesh has made our job so much easier. My team and I have been using VOESH 4 Step Pedi in a Box. We love the generous amounts of

product in each sachet and no more faff of removing lids and scooping products. We have been amazed at how many spatulas we are saving just because we are not decanting foot scrub! Customers have complimented us on how professional the range is and how fantastic their feet and legs feel after their treatment. They also love selecting their Pedicure ‘flavour’ before each and every treatment and like to try all before they select their favourite or, change as their mood takes them. 

VOESH products look great on the trolley and the retail shelves and reduce clutter. All of us have found the Collagen gloves and socks to be a simple client recommendation at the end of each manicure and pedicure. They really help to keep hands and nails hydrated in between treatments and help to extend the duration that the nail polish lasts. Our customers love the Collagen Gloves and Boots, they’re an easy add-on to every treatment for an extra treat. It’s great to put them on at the start of a Facial and then use them to massage whilst the customer is relaxing with a face mask and you can even heat them before applying.

VOESH gets a big thumbs up from our team, we love it!