Pedicure and Profit, an impossible combination?

If you think you have a salon on every corner, it may surprise you to hear that Nail Bars and Beauty Salons are amongst the 10 most popular businesses opening in the UK. The continued growth in the industry shows that there is a high demand for all things health and beauty, and this is further supported by research  that suggests UK ladies are spending an enormous £70,000 on their appearance in a lifetime! – (

With this in mind, how do we capitalise on the demand for manicures and pedicures as beauty professionals and salon owners? Providing nail treatments can be expensive, time consuming, unhygienic, and difficult to cost. What if there was a way to make your manicures and pedicures as worthwhile as the other treatments?

Lets break it down:

Treatment Cost to client Cost of Sales Gross profit
1hr Facial £50 £15 £35
1hr Massage £60 £10 £50
1hr Laser £99 £4 £95

Traditional Manicure and Pedicures

Treatment Cost to client Cost of Sales Gross profit
1hr Pedicure £30 £7 £23
1hr Manicure £20 £7 £13
(£5 soak/scrub/cuticle remover/cuticle oil and £2 nail paints)

What if you could increase your revenue, whilst decreasing the need for additional products, improving hygiene, and providing your clients with a luxurious treatment WITHOUT increasing your fee

VOESH Manicure and Pedicures

An hour Pedicure with a  £35 Cost of sale, plus an additional £2.64 for a 4 STEP Pedi in a Box (this is the MAXIMUM you will pay for a singe unit on our site, buy more save more!) plus £2 nail paints will give you the grand total of  £4.64 Gross Profit £30.36 An increase of £2.36. PLUS retail ONE VOESH single use item to extend the life of your in-salon service £5.99 (minimum) to increase the Gross Profit by £3.35

To summarise, that’s £5.71 additional profit on EVERY manicure and pedicure.

What does this mean in a year?

1 manicure and 1 pedicure a day in your salon
You are open 45 weeks a year 5 days a week

Using VOESH would give you £1284.75 additional income with NO additional service charge OR additional service time!

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