Do Your Manicures Make You Money?

Despite Brexit uncertainty, the UK beauty industry is booming. With a national push on the reintroduction of beauty apprenticeships (we are set to see a massive 8000 new apprenticeship positions this year)  and more training routes than ever before, beauty therapy is an attractive career option for thousands.

According to the Beautiful Britain Report 2017 (, Manicures are up there with the most desirable treatment options and figures confirm that time between this essential grooming service has reduced from 5.2 weeks (2015) to 3.7 weeks (2017). Meaning more manicures each year per customer.

This is all positive stuff but… (sharp intake of breath, wince and raise of eyebrows) do Manicures make money?

The reality is that salons provide their time, equipment and products for very little in return. To my mind, one of the most under utilised areas of any salon is the manicure station. Look at top spas and salons around the world, many of them do not offer these services, but instead create luxurious bundles of higher value treatments that are easier to perform and offer more cross sell and up sell opportunities than you can shake a stick at.

So what’s a manicure missing?

Manicures take as many, if not more, products and sundries as a facial treatment. They take about an hour to do (excluding express services). They are messy, especially with soak offs, and can take a while to set up for, if you are using soaks and scrubs. All in all, they are difficult to cost and they cost a lot!

Retail Potential
How much revenue does your salon generate as a result of Manicure based retail sales? How much time is ‘lost’ in manicure treatments that do not generate retail revenue? What can you possibly offer as a linked sale to a manicure? How many times can your customer buy nail oil or hand cream? What would you businesses retail turnover look like if you spent your ‘Manicure hours’ in facial treatments?

Customer Satisfaction
Many manicures follow the same process. How good is your manicure? When did you last change things up? How will your customer remember your manicure service after their treatment? How does your service compare to the competition?

Hygiene and freshness
If you are using large tubs and tubes of cream, have you considered how fresh and clean they really are? How long have they been open and how many bacteria are living in there? Do they still smell fresh? Are they still going to be effective for your customer? What is the cost to your business in wasted product? What is the cost to your business for the sundries needed to decant products from larger tubs and bottles?

As a hybrid clinic owner, by that I mean a clinic offering both medical and therapy services, my eyes lit up when I first read about VOESH products. Finally, a product range that addresses the Manicure and Pedicure issues that we all choose to ignore. VOESH products allow therapists to offer an efficient, clean, fresh and unique service to every customer. Therapists also have a genuine reason to sell VOESH to their customers, it is simple and it works.

Having replaced all of our products with VOESH, we have seen an increase in customer satisfaction, an upturn in manicure related retail of 65% and an in treatment up sell increase of 47%, don’t forget, Collagen Gloves and Socks can be instantly linked to any other treatment as a zero set up addition.

We now have a firm grasp on our manicure costs which never fluctuate. No one will ever use too much, or too little product, therefore we know what to charge, and what our profit margins are.

If I could make one suggestion to fellow salon and spa owners, it would be to try VOESH Collagen Gloves for yourselves. you won’t be disappointed.